Hand Poured Soy Candles

Mixed with care using quality soy for clean burning candles, tarts and more that will envelop your room with superior aromatic fragrance.

Our mission as a new candle company is to create a brand of quality candles. We will ensure the quality of our candles with rigorous testing on each type of product we craft. As we focus on quality & environmental responsibility, we will also make sure that our products are within everyone’s reach.

Georgia Carr is the owner of Green Meadow Candle Company. After a career in teaching, she wanted her work to take a different direction. It was after stopping at a small shop in Jerome, AZ that she became interested in making candles like the ones they sold. She ordered a candle making kit, and has been making candles ever since. Candle making gives her the opportunity to combine her love of science, art, & a bit of math.

Why we choose soy wax for our candles:

  • It is a renewable & sustainable resource, which helps to support American farmers. Soybeans are second only to corn as the largest monetary crop grown in the USA.
  • With less soot produced per burn, soy is a cleaner wax than petroleum-based waxes.
  • Great hot & cold scent throws
  • Longer burn times than petroleum-based waxes
It’s not uncommon for the tops of soy candles to become rough or bumpy after burning. Don’t worry! There is nothing wrong with the candle and it’s performance will not be affected. What happens is the fluctuation of the temperature as the candle cools. This is a natural behavior of all natural waxes.

Other Scents!

Our most frequently asked questions:

  • Q: Why are we offering our 6 oz & 6.5 oz container candles for the same price?
  • A: The difference in our cost to produce each is negligible. Why not offer both at the same price?

  • Q: Do you offer different color waxes?
  • A: Our beautiful black, teal, & burgundy tins complement the natural soy cream color. Color should enhance the candle.Too much color is not necessarily a good thing. Soy is an amazing wax, always in a dynamic state; any additive can alter its performance. However, for special orders, we will add dye. Please email or call for details.

  • Q: How long have you been making & selling candles?
  • A: 8 years now! 8 making them & just a few weeks selling them.

  • Q: Will you be putting out any videos?
  • A: Yes! I have a couple that are being added to the web site as well as Etsy. For my next one, I need someone to hold the camera...you volunteering?

  • Q: What is your personal favorite scent?
  • A: Bluebonnet Spring!

  • Q: Have you ever been disappointed in one of your products?
  • A: LOL Definitely! I was testing a sandalwood-type fragrance. After it had cured, I removed the top of the container, took a quick sniff & it smelled like soured milk. Yuck!

  • Q: Any new products coming?
  • A: Yes, Spring of next year.

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